favourite video game characters

  • Miranda Lawson || Mass Effect

    "I settle for nothing but the best." 


Times like these, dark times, they do funny things to people. They can tear them apart.


Endless List of Mass Effect Favorites 8/?
Drunk Quarian Machinest

after all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.


You took my baby from me and hurt her. And now she’s all grown up and she’s fine. But I’ll never see my baby again.

One of the most chilling moments in Doctor Who comes from the look on Amy Pond’s face and the revenge in her voice as she openly defies any moral code she is expected to live by as the Doctor’s associate and kills the woman who kidnapped and tortured her daughter.



Make it a powerful memory, the happiest you can remember. Allow it to fill you up. A full-bodied patronus is the most difficult to produce but shield forms can also be equally useful against a variety of opponents. Just remember, your patronus can only protect you as long as you stay focused. Think of the happiest thing you can.